Content Development

Meredith is a talented and detail-oriented content developer in Seattle, WA.

With nearly 15 years of developing content for companies big and small under her belt, Meredith has earned a reputation as a reliable and motivated go-getter driven by results.

Content Development: Customer Support FAQs

AutoNation Customer Support Content

Meredith developed customer-facing help and support content for the nationwide automotive retailer.

Content Development: Pillar Content

AutoNation Drive Pillar Content

Meredith developed “pillars” of content — the backbone of the sum 500 pages of content across the editorial blog — to drive search results.

AutoNation Drive Glossary

AutoNation Drive Glossary

Meredith produced a variety of help guides for the car industry, including this glossary — an 80 page word document by the time of implementation.

Content Development: Customer Support Site

Crystalyn Kae Work(wo)manship

Meredith produced a customer support site designed to educate customers on product care and use, as well as highlight quality commitments.

Sweet Anthem Perfumes Sample Brochure

Meredith designed and produced this brochure that helped communicate the product features and fragrance notes for this storied brand.