AutoNation Drive Glossary


Meredith produced a variety of help guides for the car industry, including this glossary — an 80 page word document by the time of implementation.


  • Content Development
  • Research
  • UX Writing

Delivered: user experience research

UX Research

Meredith researched not only car industry terminology that would be relevant to her audience, but how other industry blogs present their own glossaries.

Delivered: an 80-page guide to automotive industry terms

UX Writing

Meredith spent nearly a month writing this guide, one of the biggest she launched on AutoNation Drive. It was QAd by internal team members and fact-checked by stakeholders.

Delivered: a glossary that ranks on major search engines


Meredith crafted the guide with SEO in mind, brainstorming ways to capitalize on content that would yield frequent searches. The glossary is frequently used as a backbone of pillar strategies for the rest of the site.

Delivered: HTML, CSS, cross-linking


Meredith designed the HTML template that would later become a gold star landing page template for the team to push this project live. In addition to that, the project is maintained and updated with crosslinks to boost a variety of content pillars.