Sweet Anthem Sample Brochure


Meredith created a collectible product line, featuring samples that helped generate fans and acolytes. The sample brochure accompanied new purchases.


  • Content Development
  • Content Design
  • UX Writing
  • Photography & Styling

Content Design

Meredith designed the brochures and all brand elements for Sweet Anthem. She conceptualized all parts of the brand content, from colors to copy, that helped make the brand a cult favorite.

UX Writing

Meredith crafted compelling stories about the brand — a literary-inspired fragrance — to help create the world in which the fragrances inhabited.


Meredith created all product naming conventions for the brand and categorized them in content buckets that made sense to fragrance shoppers.


Meredith often farmed out her photography to local vendors, but enjoyed the photography and product styling herself for this project.