Logos, Marks, and Design Bits: The Leftovers

Projects, marks, and moodboards from the cutting room floor.

Just because these marks didn’t make the cut doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy them.

The ask: Showcase logos from various projects that have never seen the light of day, whether it’s because we chose a different final creative direction or the project never took off.

Deliverables: Creative direction and graphic design for a variety of brands that, for whatever reason, never got to be included in a final project.

The results: Skills were amassed, clients were happy in the end, and processes were refined by both parties. Everyone had fun.

Composr: application icon for a perfume formula database.
Rebel & Mercury: mark for a Seattle-based candle company.
Dangerous Goods: logo mark for a fragrance regulation consultancy.
Badge of Honor: Logo designs for an enamel pin shop.
The Floor Is Lava: branding for a parent-focused home goods brand.
Dangerous Goods: the mood board.