I’m a writer and editor for digital and analog projects in Seattle, WA.

I write fiction and poetry, and make books and zines. As “the writer in your band,” I’ve been known to wax about music and books. Last year, I founded an analog-first micropress for poetry and songbooks featuring local (some of whom are now global!) writers and musicians.

I am seeking a longterm career in a creative role in the music or publishing industry in Seattle (in person or remote in Pacific hours). I’m an independent self-starter (as you can plainly see), with an eye for detail and design and a passion for books and music. Whether the position is in content strategy, content development, or writing and editing, if you have a project that sounds like a good fit, please get in touch.

My writing has been seen in The Gravity of the Thing, The Cryptonaturalist, Bust Magazine, Tor.com, and elsewhere. Projects I have participated in or created have been featured in Fragrantica, Now Smell This, Buzzfeed, and elsewhere. I recently finished my first horror novel, and I am looking forward to a busy, creative 2024.

Latest Projects

Grating, Darling, Full of Dirt: Poems After Stephen King’s Pet Sematary

For Common Meter Press, Meredith produced and designed the cover and galley for Erin Dorney’s book of erasure poetry. She printed, collated, and bound every book by hand.

Recent Zines

Maybe I’m Ready to Talk About What Happened

A cult favorite in therapists’ offices, Maybe is a zine of poetry and fragments written during the pandemic, bookended by a pair of personal tragedies.