Hello! 👋🏻 Meredith is a poet and producer in the Pacific Northwest who has an affinity for alliteration.

What’s Online These Days


A would-be creative writing MFA, Meredith’s work has been seen in literary magazines, horror podcasts, and then some.


Meredith helps brands connect to consumers through copy and design for editorial web content projects.

What’s Offline These Days

Maybe I’m Ready to Talk About What Happened

A panoramic view of our collective Lost Year, bookended by two personal tragedies. Maybe has become a cult favorite among therapists looking for a new way to talk about grief without talking about grief.

This chapbook contains poetry written during the pandemic, filtered by loss that hits close to home.

The Good Ship Analog


We’re seeking tactile and real-world connection more and more. View Meredith’s collaborations with the very offline.

Zines + Things

As analog as it gets, Meredith was quickly captivated by zines as an extension of storytelling.

About Meredith 👩🏻‍💻

Poet, producer, former perfumer in the Pacific Northwest

Meredith Smith is a former brand owner turned poet and content strategist with more than a decade of experience working, writing, and designing for digitally-native consumer goods brands and media platforms.

Being very online, she works in her copious amounts of free time on offline projects and collaborations that center around poetry, literature, and music. To that end, she is also the editor of Common Meter, an old school, analog AF micropress for songbooks and chapbooks.