Paula’s Choice: eCommerce Product Launches

Fun fact: Meredith launched more than 30 products for Paula’s Choice in 2022.

Native marketing content for product launches

Project: Drive the production of landing pages, product description pages, and content across the Paula’s Choice websites for US and AU markets to support the Phytoestrogen product launches.

Deliverables: Working from creative briefs, Meredith created product description pages, landing page updates, marketing content updates, content strategy for roll-out and SEO.

Results: Two products to cater to a growing marketplace plus educational pages driving customer service impact.

Client: Paula’s Choice

Product description pages provided the final stop for customers to buy on the direct consumer website.
Education-focused product description pages drove the impact of sales for these launches.

What to expect from native marketing content

In addition to the product description pages, Meredith helped strategize and launch ancillary web content, including this landing page.

With institutional SEO and user experience knowledge from a marketing standpoint, Meredith offered keyword suggestions, crosslink opportunities, and areas of engaging customers with the company’s newsletter.