Sweet Anthem: Creative Direction – Womenswear Line

Creative Direction & Photography: Meredith Smith
Eau de parfums: creative direction & photography for a flagship product by Meredith Smith.

Bottled stories for a cult fragrance brand

Project: Create a line of fragrances based on fiction, poetry, folklore, and music.

Deliverables: Product design & development, branding, packaging design, photography, and all brand storytelling.

Results: Meredith created a fragrance line for millennials who like something a little different. In 2007, she launched Sweet Anthem Perfumes into what would be a six-figure brand with retailers including Anthropologie. Meredith sold the brand in 2015 to new owners and it remains active in Portland, OR.

Client: Sweet Anthem Perfumes

Womenswear solid perfumes: creative direction & photography by Meredith Smith.
Solid perfumes in vintage compacts: creative direction & photography by Meredith Smith.