In a world where everything is online (including this site), some of us still prefer the analog.

Whatever happened to “the very offline”? As a Millennial of a certain age, Meredith is drawn to the nostalgia of days when finding something cool to do had nothing to do with online search engines.

And conversations with fellow creatives in Seattle and beyond echo similar sentiments: we want to come across things again, on our own, without the influence of an algorithm. Meredith collaborates with local and national artists to help make that happen – whether through books, music, or poetry, Meredith is beating the algorithm, one analog project at a time.

View Meredith’s sought-after projects you can find offline (and yes, online, too) through Common Meter and elsewhere.

I’ve Named the Goddamned Ravens

Two firsts in one fell swoop: MFA Irene Loy’s debut poetry collection, and the first traditional chapbook acquired for Common Meter Press.

Grating, Darling, Full of Dirt

Erasure poems from Erin Dorney, co-founder of Fear No Lit, and whose work has been seen in Autofocus, Tolka, HAD, and elsewhere.