Zines are small, DIY publications usually produced by the writer, by hand. The zines below are no exception. Meredith wrote and designed these artful books in her studio in the heart of Ballard.

Maybe I’m Ready to Talk About What Happened

A cult favorite in therapists’ offices, Maybe is a zine of poetry and fragments written during the pandemic, bookended by a pair of personal tragedies.

Extended Player #01: Haunted

Meredith has always called herself “the writer in your band.” Working with her collaborator in Imaginary Maps, Meredith wrote Haunted, a ghost story about growing up. Learn how to play it in this interactive zine.

They Don’t Love You Like I Love You

A continuation of Meredith’s perzine from the aughts, this is a collection of vintage writing that had yet to be bound and offered in this format. The finale to a series of travel essays and memoirs that spanned from West Texas to Eastern Europe.

Out of Circulation

Never Been to the Wall – 2004

The Streets of Where I’m From – 2004

Damn Engine – 2002-2004