Grating, Darling, Full of Dirt: Poems After Stephen King

Chapbook design for Erin Dorney’s erasure collection

The project: Design and develop the chapbook for Grating, Darling, Full of Dirt, poems created from Stephen King’s Pet Sematary by erasure and collage poet Erin Dorney.

Deliverables: Working within the Common Meter brand guidelines, Meredith created the cover and all ancillary graphics needed for a production-ready chapbook. Meredith worked closely with Erin to ensure the text displayed as intended and that all editorial guidance was adhered to. Meredith printed, bound, and collated every book by hand.

The results: Erin’s chapbook sold out on launch and landed in Powell’s and Antiquated Future. Meredith has big plans for this small book in 2024.