Handheld devices

Zines (pronounced “zeens”) are small, handmade books often containing poetry and personal stories. Hold them in your hands. Here you’ll find a few of Meredith’s zines and chapbooks still in circulation:


Maybe I’m Ready to Talk About What Happened

A panoramic view of the pandemic bookended by a pair of personal tragedies, Maybe contains emotional microstories in fragments and verse.

$12 ea.

Creative Non-Fiction

They Don’t Love You Like I Love You

The exciting conclusion to a trilogy of travel zines that followed Meredith from Eastern Europe to West Texas. These unearthed vintage writings from the past shed new light on Meredith’s present.

$6.00 ea.

Interactive Songbook

You Don’t Have to Come Back ‘Til Morning

An interactive zine, enjoy lyrics from Meredith’s latest songwriting projects. QR codes drive you to Spotify & Bandcamp for an interactive listening experience.

$6.00 ea.

Coming Soon