Meredith is a content developer who wears many hats. With deep knowledge of HTML and content management systems, as well as business development and customer engagement, few jobs are too big for her britches.

Her passions include e-commerce development and customer-facing help and support content.

Content Development: Customer Support FAQs

Content Development

As a content developer, Meredith researches, develops and produces content initiatives to drive engagement or meet other stakeholder goals.

Content Strategy: Rebel & Mercury

Content Strategy

As a content strategist, Meredith analyzes content performance to capitalize on areas of growth for companies big and small.

Production: Honda Trim Levels

Content Production

As a producer, Meredith creates everything from SEO copy to production assets such as HTML and CSS needed to implement a content project.

Projects: Sweet Anthem Perfumes


As an Aries, Meredith is a venerable side project junkie. She enjoys taking risks to build personal projects — and sometimes they take off in big ways.